Whole Life

When you think of life insurance the whole life insurance policy is the first type of insurance that comes to mind. It builds true value and provides benefits that most insurance buyers have not even thought of.

Death Benefit

The whole life policy provides a level guaranteed death benefit which is usually free of Federal Income Taxes.  Your death benefit can never be canceled as long as you continue to pay the required premiums.


Premiums  are guaranteed to remain level. They never increase, except in the case of a modified whole life insurance policy which starts out with a premium that is lower than the actual premium should be.  While higher than Term Insurance initially, the premium will be a great deal less as you get older since Term Insurance renews at higher rates due to your age at the time of renewal.

Cash Values

Whole life insurance policies earn cash values which accumulate tax-deferred. Policy owners can take tax free loans from the cash values of their policies.  One mistake many people make however is to consider Whole Life as an investment.  It is not!  It does however create an immediate  estate that will  allow you a systematic way to save money.  The cash values can also help you keep from losing your insurance if finances become a problem due to health or economic setbacks.  This is because the cash value can help keep the policy in force by providing either extended term or a reduced paid up option.

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